Political Science

Political Science

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Gender Violence

Gender Violation is one of the most challenging problems of our times for the entire world. This boo..

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Global Implications of India's Nuclear Explosion

The book traces the development of nuclear energy at the world level and then examines the indian sc..

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Globalization Democracy and Culture

The present work contends that guided by the politico–economic transnational practices, globalizatio..

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Handbook of Journalism

Beginning with explaining the concept of Journalism, the chapters have been arranged to show how to ..

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Human Rights : Practice and Limitations

Human Rights: Practice and Limitations is a well-researched volume on the concept of human rights an..

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Human Rights : Problems and Prospects

Human Rights are essential component of sustainable development and are part and parcel of life in s..

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Human Rights : Tasks, Duties and Functions

Human rights refers to universal rights of human being regardless of jurisdiction or other factors, ..

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Human Rights and Human Welfare

Since the end of Second World War, there has been a concerted attempt by the nations of the world to..

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Human Rights and Indian Constitution

The concept of human rights has gained importance globally since past few decades. Human Rights have..

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Human Rights and Social Reality

'HUMAN' Rights and Social Realities' has been specially written as a comprehensive and reliable manu..

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Human Rights in a Global Perspective

with societal behaviour like homosexualism, etc. The effect and applicability of Human Rights on tri..

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Human Rights in India : Concepts and Concerns

Today International organizations and societies are engaged in the constant process of monitoring an..

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