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Accounting and Statistical Techniques

This unique study offers a comprehensive application of accounting and statistical techniques in the..

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Accounting Standards and Policies : Theory and Practice

The Present work compiles sixteen articles contributed by renowned luminaries in the field of accoun..

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Advertising : Modern Concepts, Principles and Methods

Advertising is the dissemination of information or views concerning an idea, product or service to i..

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Business and Management

If you want 10 days of happiness, grow grain. If you want 10 years of happiness, grow a tree and if ..

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Business Studies

Contents : Preface, 1. Natural and Significance of Management Meaning of Management, Characteristic..

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Commercial Banking and Economic Development

This volume, by taking the fields of commercial banking in tandem with economic development presents..

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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour is a dynamic and multidimensional process and reflects the totality of consumers’..

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Corporate Performance Evaluation

The corporate sector plays a pivotal role in the economy of the country. The performance of this sec..

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Corporate Philosophy in India

After introducing the corporate concept and briefly tracing the evolution and growth of Joint Stock ..

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Corporate Taxation in India

The amount of Corporation Tax i.e. the income tax paid by the companies is a significant contributio..

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Cost Accounting and Profitability Analysis

Cost Accounting and profitability analysis discusses the ‘new’ analytical approach. The Subject matt..

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Cost Management in Public Enterprises

The present work is a collection of fifteen articles contributed by distinguished personalities on t..

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Credit Control and NPA Recovery

About the bookAlarming, Increase in NPAs of the Banks and slow process of their resolution in the ..

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Developments in Accounting

In the present age, governed by over structured the highly competitive economy, in which Commerce an..

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Economic Development : Myth and Reality

In the age of globalization every thing is being done only for development. In actuality development..

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