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Commerce runs the world but entrepreneurs rule the globe. One of the challenges for the new generati..

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Entrepreneurship : Successfully Launching New Ventures

The present book is an attempt on the part of authors to help and guide all those graduates, postgra..

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Entrepreneurship and Effective Marketing

This is probably the first scholarly book dedicated to the interface between marketing and entrepren..

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Entrepreneurship Development in India

This book has been brought out with new thoughts on actual process and practice of entrepreneurship ..

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Inspirational Thoughts for Entrepreneurs

The world economy has opened the gates for the people of different countries to come forward to star..

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Women Entrepreneurs

This book deals with a very important subject, which is vital in the area of entrepreneurship and wo..

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Women Entrepreneurship : Challenges & Opportunities

Entrepreneur is one who innovates, organizes, manages and assumes the risk of an enterprise and acts..

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