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Economic Development : Myth and Reality

In the age of globalization every thing is being done only for development. In actuality development..

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Ecotourism Development and Management

Ecotourism is part of the general growth in tourism and reflects increased environmental awareness a..

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Commerce runs the world but entrepreneurs rule the globe. One of the challenges for the new generati..

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Financial Accounting Techniques

A revolution has occurred in financial planning and analysis in Indian Corporate Sector. Financial A..

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Financial Reforms & Risk Management

This book is a compendium of papers contributed by writers, authors. consultants, subject experts as..

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Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development present thought-provoking research papers in the ..

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Functional Management

The functions of management uniquely describe managers jobs. The most commonly cited functions of ma..

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Future of Indian Economy

It is generally said that future is always uncertain. This saying is correct to some extent. But at ..

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Global Financial Crisis

In a globalized economic environment, where the economies of the world have been closely integrated,..

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Globalisation and Economic Realities

Globalisation is the reality of the present time and has many possibilities in future. No country in..

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Globalisation and Foreign Trade

Globalisation is the continous process by which restriction and hurdles are minimised in the field o..

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Globalisation and Mangerial Challenges

Globalisation has resulted in the gains in the world of trade, however, distributive justice has alw..

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Globalisation, Privatisation and Market Economy

Globalization, privatization and liberalization have become dominant forces shaping societies and ec..

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Handbook of Tourism

Tourism as a manifestation of leisure pre-supposes a socioeconomic milieu in which money and time-aw..

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Hazardous Waste Management

This book is concerned with the process and politics of hazardous waste regulation in India. The im..

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