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Management Approaches and Theorists

Even though all approaches to management analysis are different, it is useful to study their differe..

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Management of Working Capital in Public Enterprises

The Management of Working Capital has been an eternal problem particularly in the context of the Ind..

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Managerial Approach to Happiness

This book presents an attempt to combine the wisdom of our ancient scriptures with management to att..

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Managing Corporate Affairs — A Directors’ Handbook

Drucker analysed management into fundamental yet practical topics such as what is management, what i..

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Modern Marketing Management

Marketing is basic and important function of managerial process whereby the resources of the whole b..

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Personality Development

Covering determinants of personality and the factors through which a person can influence others, th..

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Principles and Practice of Management

This book entitled ‘Principles and Practice of Management’ is an attempt on the part of authors to p..

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Principles of Business Finance

Business finance is an essential part of life. It plays a vital role in business as well as human li..

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Principles of Financial Management

Financial management is the activity which is concerned with the acquisition and administration of c..

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Project Management

Tight project deadlines and stringent expectations are the norms in today’s tire-based and cost cons..

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Recent Trends in Foreign Investment

After independence, the Government of India had taken several steps for the overall development of t..

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Resource Mobilisation Strategy for Indian States

Ever since the Government of India initiated the process of economic reforms in 1991, financial diff..

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Rural Women and Their Quality of Life

There is no absolute standard of living that is universally accepted although the people living in w..

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Social Accounting

Accounting has always kept pace with the growing needs of the society. It has come out of its tradit..

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Socio-Economic Impact of Tourism

Tourism as a service industry acts as a social and cultural link, the range of which extends from ac..

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