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Agricultural Ecology

The book analyses various important aspects like self–reliance in foodgrains, improved methods of ir..

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Child Labour : Dimensions & Determinations

“Children are mirror, who reflect the future image of a nation. If anybody wants to see the nation h..

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Child Labour in India

Children are the important assets of the society. Every child has the right to enjoy his childhood. ..

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Commercial Banking and Economic Development

This volume, by taking the fields of commercial banking in tandem with economic development presents..

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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour is a dynamic and multidimensional process and reflects the totality of consumers’..

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Demographic Transition in India

Demography is the scientific study of population. Demographers seek to know the level and trends of ..

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District Planning in India

he process of planned development in India was directed towards relieving the masses from misery and..

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Economic Development : Myth and Reality

In the age of globalization every thing is being done only for development. In actuality development..

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Economic Development in India

Developmental economics is a vast and varied subject and important in today’s world where commercial..

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Empowerment of Women through Gender Budgeting

The term Gender Budgeting is a recognized tool for empowering women. It includes various Government ..

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Energy Patterns in India

An attempt has been made in this book to analyse the patterns of conventional and non-conventional e..

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Commerce runs the world but entrepreneurs rule the globe. One of the challenges for the new generati..

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Entrepreneurship : Successfully Launching New Ventures

The present book is an attempt on the part of authors to help and guide all those graduates, postgra..

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