Rural Development

Rural Development

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Biofuels : Marketing Strategies & Impact on Rural Development

One of the most challenging issues being faced by the developing countries in the 21st century, havi..

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New Vistas in Rural Economy

The present set of 5 volumes presents a unique collection of writings on Rural Economy contributed b..

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Rural Development in India

India had reached a turning point in its long and arduous struggle for socio-economic development. I..

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Rural Development through Women's Participation and Electronic Media

This book has been designed to meet a long-felt need for a compendium of papers contributed by write..

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Rural Prosperity Oriented Programmes , NGO's and People's Participation

RURAL development encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach.The concept of rural developmentis being..

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Science and Technology in Rural Transformation

The application of Science and Technology in rural economy has made our villages more accessible dur..

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Strategy for Promoting Rural Infrastructure

We are aware that discourses on rural development had witnessed a recent spurt in India. Rural devel..

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