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Accounting and Statistical Techniques

This unique study offers a comprehensive application of accounting and statistical techniques in the..

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Accounting Standards and Policies : Theory and Practice

The Present work compiles sixteen articles contributed by renowned luminaries in the field of accoun..

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Cost Accounting and Profitability Analysis

Cost Accounting and profitability analysis discusses the ‘new’ analytical approach. The Subject matt..

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Cost Management in Public Enterprises

The present work is a collection of fifteen articles contributed by distinguished personalities on t..

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Developments in Accounting

In the present age, governed by over structured the highly competitive economy, in which Commerce an..

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Financial Accounting Techniques

A revolution has occurred in financial planning and analysis in Indian Corporate Sector. Financial A..

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Human Resource Accounting

The present work contains a set of edited articles covering different facets of human resource accou..

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Operational Efficiency of Public Enterprises

Operational Efficiency of Public Enterprises is a study of the Tourism Development Corporations in I..

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Performance Appraisal

The book entitled Performance Appraisal: Accounting and Quantitative Approaches is a novel book desi..

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Practical Costing

Practical Costing is a very useful treatise giving a simple, integrated and comprehensive practice o..

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Social Accounting

Accounting has always kept pace with the growing needs of the society. It has come out of its tradit..

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Zero Base Budgeting

Zero base budgeting is a new planning and budgeting technique that offers an organisation several im..

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