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Microbial Spoliage of Foods

The loss of food due to microbial spoilage has economic consequences for the producers, processors a..

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Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Different genes in an organism are meant for the synthesis of different proteins. The hereditary nat..

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Molecular Biophysics

The present book Molecular Biophysics deals with biochemical, biophysical, physical and biological a..

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Molecular Cell Biology, 2 Vols.

Molecular cell biology concentrates on the macromolecules and reactions studied by biochemist, the p..

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Nanobiotechnology is defined as a field that applies the nanoscale principles and techniques to unde..

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Nanotechnology in Agriculture

Nanotechnology is currently a new dynamically developing industry exceeding the impact of the indust..

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Physiological and Biotechnological Manipulations for Enhancing Plant Productivity

The book is an endeavour to present latest information about the physiological and molecular bases o..

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Physiological Basis of Crop Production & Improvement

The book covers status of the physiological bases of production of important agricultural and hortic..

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Phytoremediation and Environmental Biotechnology

Phytoremediation is the use of plants and their associated microbes for environmental cleanup. This ..

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Plant Biodiversity Utilization and Biotechnology

This book on Plant Biodiversity Utilization and Biotechnology covers the significant and most challe..

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Plant Biotechnology : Perspectives and Prospects

Rapid advances in the field of biotechnology have brought revolutionary changes in agriculture, heal..

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Plant Genetic Resources : An Overview

Plant genetic resources are the key component of any agricultural production system. In recent years..

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Plant Genetic Transformation & Molecular Markers

Large number of transgenic crop plants have now been released for commercial production using trans..

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Plant Molecular Physiology : Current Scenario and Future Projections

Plant Physiology and Biotechnology have made enormous progress at an astonishing pace in the recent ..

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Plant Morphology and Biotechnology

Recent years have witnessed major and exciting discoveries in various aspects of plant sciences. The..

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