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Plant Reproductive Biology and Biotechnology

India is one of the twelve-megadiversity centers of the world with two of the eighteen hotspots worl..

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Plant Tissue Culture and Applied Plant Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology, especially genetic transformation, represents one of powerful tools for the imp..

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Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology

BiotechnologicaL developments and genetic engineering are revolutionising agriculture and medical sc..

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Plant Tissue Culture Manual : Fundamentals and Applications in Biotechnology

The Book “Plant Tissue Culture Manual : Fundamentals and Applications in Biotechnology” covers most ..

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Plant, Microbes & Biotechnology

During the last few decades, Plant Sciences have definitely made their presence felt as an important..

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Practical Manual of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is emerging as the key of biological sciences. Microorganisms provides the models used..

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Practicals in Bioinformatics

These days computers are part of our every day lives. Everywhere you go they are used to keep track ..

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Principles of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the application of living organisms to develop new product or improve existing ones..

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Principles of Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is the deliberate manipulation of an organism’s genetic makeup to achieve a plan..

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Recent Techniques in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the integration of natural sciences and engineering in order to achieve the applica..

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Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology

Success in Recombinant DNA technology has been possible due to rapid development in gene cloning met..

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Role of Biotechnology in Medicinal Plants

The biotechnological tools are important to select, multiply and conserve the critical genotypes of ..

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Seeds, Bioregulants and Applied Plant Biotechnology

The objective to the background of this publication has been to follow an equilibrated and realistic..

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Stem Cell Technology

Modern biotechnology is making a great contribution to medicine, both in diagnosis of diseases and i..

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Text Book of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has enormous potential in health care. It promises to provide novel treatments and bet..

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