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Adolescent Girls: Awareness, Rights and Reproductive Health

The basic approach of this book has been shaped by our own research, professional and personal exper..

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Advances in Reproductive Toxicology

This book is a compilation of 22 chapters by distinguished scientists in the field of reproductive t..

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AIDS : Causes and Cure

“AIDS” covers the outcome of AIDS in the society. The health seeking behaviour of the AIDS affected..

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Diagnostic Parasitology

DIAGNOSTIC Parasitology occupies a premier position among Biomedical Sciences. Prompt and accurate d..

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Essentials of Biochemistry

This book offers a concise yet comprehensive coverage of basic fundamental and application of Bioche..

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Health and Welfare in India

“Health and Welfare in India” deals with the contemporary health issues of various aspects of our na..

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Immunology is truly a fascinating discipline that meets the challenge and offers an opportunity to f..

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Medical Biotechnology

Biotechnology has proved a boon for medical science in several ways. Be it in enhancing immunity aga..

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Molecular Cell Biology, 2 Vols.

Molecular cell biology concentrates on the macromolecules and reactions studied by biochemist, the p..

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Nanobiotechnology is defined as a field that applies the nanoscale principles and techniques to unde..

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Nutritional Disorders and Community Health

SINCE time immemorial, man has lived in the lap of nature. He has drawn sustenance fromfruits, veget..

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Parasitic Zoonoses, 2nd Edition

This book has been written for students of medical, veterinary, basic and allied sciences and others..

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Role of Biotechnology in Medicinal Plants

The biotechnological tools are important to select, multiply and conserve the critical genotypes of ..

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Stem Cell Technology

Modern biotechnology is making a great contribution to medicine, both in diagnosis of diseases and i..

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Toxicology :The Science of Poisons

Many existing excellent reference volumes deal with the harmful effects of chemicals and present the..

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