Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants

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Aadivasiyon ki Aushdiya Virasat

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Aaushdhiya avem Sugandhit Podhe : Upyog, Krishi Taknik avem Sujhav

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Aromatic and Spice Plants: Utilisation and Conservation

The articles of this book covered the aspects like Diversity & Taxonomy, Ethnobotany & Pharm..

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Bharat Ke Aushdiya Vraksh

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Cultivation and Breeding of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Population rise, inadequate supply of drugs, prohibitive cost of treatments, side effects of several..

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Drugs from Plants

This The book focuses on the interrelationship of water resources, management and economic developme..

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Ethnic Tribes & Medicinal Plants

In India, more than 1800 plants belonging to different families of Angiosperms are used for their th..

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Ethnobotany for Human Welfare

The book ‘Ethnobotany for Human Welfare’ includes 13 chapters, covering the aspects of Ethno-medico..

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Ethnomedicinal Plants of India

Herbal medicines are in great demand in both developed and the developing countries in primary healt..

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Handbook of Aromatic Plants, 3nd Revised and Enlarged Edition

It covers nomenclature, description, distribution, cultivation, processing, physical and chemical pr..

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Handbook of Medicinal Plants, 5th Ed.

With the cost of modern medicine reaching astronomical height, scientists have begun delving into ri..

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Healing Herbs: Traditional Medications for Wounds Sores and Bones

This monograph, the most comprehensive publication in the field so far, affords scientists, research..

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Herbal Cures: Traditional Approach

Recent explosion of interest in traditional medicines has been driven by the accelerated loss of ind..

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Herbal Drugs and Biotechnology: 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition

The knowledge of Herbal medicine has expanded a lot in recent years. This second edition of the book..

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Herbal Folk Medicine

Present book provides excellent glimpses of the rich herbal medicine and traditional knowledge herit..

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