Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants

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Medicinal Plants of North-East India

About 80% of the world’s population of the developed and developing countries rely on traditional he..

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Medicinal Plants of the Globe, in 3 vols

Medicinal plants are most important, interesting and useful groups in nature since a large segment..

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Medicinal Plants: Chemistry & Properties

Nature has been a source of medicinal agents for thousands of years and an impressive number of mode..

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Medicinal Plants: Utilisation and Conservation 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition

THE quest for good health and immortality has been a continuous human endeavour since the beginning ..

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Medicinal Trees : Distribution, Characteristics and Traditional Formulations

The ‘Medicinal Trees’ compiles information about one hundred tree species that possess substantial ..

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Multitherapic Medicinal & Spiceal Plants

Plants and drugs obtained from them have always been in the centre of all the traditional and modern..

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Poisonous Plants: Their Botany, Properties and Uses, in 2 Vols.

Thousands of plant species are known to be hazardous which can be found everywhere posing a serious ..

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Polytherapic Medicinal Plants and Spices : Post Harvest Management and Export Potential

Man has now realized the limitation and shortcomings of medicines developed by chemical processes as..

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Role of Biotechnology in Medicinal Plants

The biotechnological tools are important to select, multiply and conserve the critical genotypes of ..

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Sagandhiya avem Aaushdhiya Podhe

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Spices & Plantation Crops

India enjoys ubiquitous agri-horti diversity. Too many horticultural crops, may it be annual or pere..

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Textbook of Ethnobotany

Ethnobotany in the wider context denotes the entire realm of useful relationship between plants and ..

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Traditional Herbal Medicine

The objectives of the book is to highlight the relevance of traditional medicine and way towards eth..

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Unusual Folk Plants and Drugs of India

This invaluable compendium is a vital reference source, providing the users with exhaustive details ..

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Vanaushdhi avem Ayurvedic Chikitsa

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