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Agricultural Microbiology

The role of microorganisms in maintaining the dynamic equilibrium and integrity of biosphere is so c..

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Applications of Microbiology

The influence of microorganisms in human life is both beneficial as well as detrimental also. Microo..

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Applied Microbiology

Microorganisms are capable of producing a great variety of substances that have commercial value. Ma..

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Bioterrorism and Biological Warfare

Keeping in view the risk involved and unpredictable and yet not estimated fully its damage, it becom..

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Cell and Molecular Biology

Living organism are complicated and highly organised. The cells are composed of intricate internal s..

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Cell Biology

Life, evolved and gave rise to cell. A living cell is a self assembling, self regulating, self repli..

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Dairy Microbiology

A professional in dairy field is incomplete without the fundamental knowledge of Dairy Microbiology,..

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Fermentation Biotechnology of Organic Acids and Amino Acids

Organic acids and amino acids are used in large volume by both food and chemical industries. Organic..

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Fermented Milk Products

Functional foods are foods that give therapeutic benefits to hosts in addition to nutrition. Dairy f..

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Food Microorganisms

The food-processing industry is the oldest and larger user of microorganisms and biotechnological pr..

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Food-Borne Illnesses

The aim of this book is to review food-borne hazards and illnesses to protect the people from the vi..

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Fundamentals of Enzymology

Book Fundamental of Enzymology gives an all- round view of the field including enzyme purification a..

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Handbook of Microbiology

This book has been designed to be as complete as possible incorporating the generally accepted words..

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Immunology is truly a fascinating discipline that meets the challenge and offers an opportunity to f..

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Immunology and Microbiology

Immunology has become the one of the most integrative sciences today. There has been rapid growth, b..

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