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Advances in Reproductive Toxicology

This book is a compilation of 22 chapters by distinguished scientists in the field of reproductive t..

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Inter-disciplinary research is presented on aquaculture that will contribute to a broadening audienc..

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Biodiversity : Concepts and Conservation

Biodiversity is the backbone for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Animal Husbandry, Forestry and a host of ..

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Biodiversity Conservation and Legal Aspects

Biodiversity is an irreplaceable resource therefore its extinction is always for ever. This is the r..

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Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Biodiversity is one of the major global resources. It has suffered from diverse natural and man-made..

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Biodiversity: Impact and Assessment

Biodiversity assumed prominence at the global level over the past one and half decade. This was in p..

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Biodiversity: Monitoring and Utilisation

The book includes 16 chapters on the diverse aspects of biological diversity. The chapter 1 includes..

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Biotechnology -I

The age of Biotechnology has arrived. Biotechnology is the application of biological systems, organi..

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Cell and Molecular Biology

Living organism are complicated and highly organised. The cells are composed of intricate internal s..

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Cell Biology

Life, evolved and gave rise to cell. A living cell is a self assembling, self regulating, self repli..

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Conservation of Tropical Biodiversity

The biodiversity or biological diversity is the variety of life starting from genes to ecosystems an..

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Dairy Pashu Prabandhan

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Developments and Trends in Biology

The unifying theme ofthe book is evolution, which is, of course, a unifying concept of all biology. ..

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Diagnostic Parasitology

DIAGNOSTIC Parasitology occupies a premier position among Biomedical Sciences. Prompt and accurate d..

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Eco-Friendly and Non Hazardous Management of Pests

Plant diseases were known to man when organized agriculture came into existence and when man had to ..

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