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Aadivasiyon ki Aushdiya Virasat

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Aaushdhiya avem Sugandhit Podhe : Upyog, Krishi Taknik avem Sujhav

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Advanced Commercial Floriculture, in 2 Vols. 2nd Edition

The set Advanced Commercial Floriculture in 2 volumes has been organised in such a way that it will ..

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Advances in Ornamental Horticulture

This set of six volumes is the first of its kind in ornamental horticulture covering multi- farious..

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Algal Biotechnology

Provide information on the application of Cyanobacteria with their biotechnological potential in the..

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Aromatic and Spice Plants: Utilisation and Conservation

The articles of this book covered the aspects like Diversity & Taxonomy, Ethnobotany & Pharm..

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Bharat Ke Aushdiya Vraksh

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Breeding of Horticultural Crops

Horticultural crops are those that serve to fit the special food and aesthetic needs of humans. In h..

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Bulbous Ornamentals and Aquatic Plants

The diversity of colour, form and size that exists among bulbous ornamentals and aquatic plants are ..

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Cultivation and Breeding of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Population rise, inadequate supply of drugs, prohibitive cost of treatments, side effects of several..

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Disease Management of Horticultural Crops under Protected Cultivation

Horticultural crops are adversely affected by a variety of pests and diseases. For the success of hi..

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Diseases in Plants and their Management

The crop yield losses on fields and during post harvest period, caused by pests diseases are of par..

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Diseases of Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits in particular provide a source of nutrients and fiber in the human diet. Thei..

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Drugs from Plants

This The book focuses on the interrelationship of water resources, management and economic developme..

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Ethnic Tribes & Medicinal Plants

In India, more than 1800 plants belonging to different families of Angiosperms are used for their th..

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