Plant Pathology / Physiology

Plant Pathology / Physiology

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Abiotic Stresses and Plant Productivity

To keep pace with the recent developments in the scientific world is very difficult when one wishes ..

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Bioagents in Plant Disease Management

Biological control has become an alternate and most important of plant disease management as chemica..

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Biocontrol of Plant Diseases

Indiscriminate use of pesticides for the control of plant diseases and pests in no longer permissibl..

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Biomanagement of Plant Diseases

Biological control has attracted attention as an important components of Integrated Pest Management..

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Disease Management of Horticultural Crops under Protected Cultivation

Horticultural crops are adversely affected by a variety of pests and diseases. For the success of hi..

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Diseases in Plants and their Management

The crop yield losses on fields and during post harvest period, caused by pests diseases are of par..

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Diseases of Grape Their Forecasting and Control

Grape is an important fruit crop of the world contributing to economies of several countries due to ..

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Diseases of Spices and their Biological Control

Spices are being used ever since the ancient civilizations of India, Mesopotamia and China. Spices d..

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Diseases of Vegetable Crops and their Management

Vegetables crops are attacked by number of pathogens like fungi, bacteria, nematodes, viruses, as we..

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Diseases of Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits in particular provide a source of nutrients and fiber in the human diet. Thei..

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Eco-Friendly and Non Hazardous Management of Pests

Plant diseases were known to man when organized agriculture came into existence and when man had to ..

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Eco-Safe Management of Diversified Pest Problems

This is a unique and comprehensive book with critical reviews in the areas of non-chemical pest mana..

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Integrated Management of Crop Diseases

Plant diseases cause enormous economic losses, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The disease sc..

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Integrated Management of Pests in Vegetable Crops

Crop Pest and their ecofriendly control has attracted the attention of all spheres of our society. T..

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Laboratory Manual on Plant Pathology, 2nd Revised Edition

This manual has been written primarily to meet the requirements of undergraduate students of B.Sc. (..

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