Seed Science /Plant Breeding

Seed Science /Plant Breeding

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Basics of Quality Seed Production

The book provides basic knowledge about seed production. It covers Introduction about importance of ..

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Bijo Ka Adhunik Jiv Vigyan: Anuprayogic Avem Maulik

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Bio-Fuel Plants : Cultivation Practices & Seed Bank

Soaring oil prices have encouraged major consumers worldwide to sharply increase their use of “green..

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Crop Breeding and Biotechnology

Biotechnology has revolutionized the concepts in agriculture, food, industrial feed stocks and healt..

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New Plant Breeding Techniques

The current book titled “New Techniques in Plant Breeding” has 9 chapters divisible in two Sections...

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Orchids : Botany, Breeding, Cultivation, Uses and Post Harvest Management

Orchids are primarily valued for their beautiful and intriguing flowers. In the global market cut fl..

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Ornamental Crop Breeding

The present publication on Ornamental Crop Breeding has been organized in such a way that it will be..

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Parvardhan Ka Adhunik Padap Vigyan

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Plant Reproductive and Molecular Biology

The wide range of articles provides valuable information on various aspects of reproductive biology ..

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Plant Reproductive Biology and Biotechnology

India is one of the twelve-megadiversity centers of the world with two of the eighteen hotspots worl..

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Principles of Plant Breeding

As ancient and agriculture itself, plant breeding is one if civilization’s oldest activities. Today,..

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Production & Protection of Seed Spices

Seed spices are the winter season annuals whose fruit (seed) is used as spice. About twenty seed spi..

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Production of Seed and Planting Materials of Horticultural Crops

India is endowed with wide range of agro-climatic condition and it has good potential for growing a..

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Seed Production Technology in Field Crops

Present book “Seed Production Technology in Field Crops”, covers 15 chapters including Introduction ..

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Seed Spices Production, Quality, Export

Spices are internationally considered as important ingredients in the culinary art. They impart flav..

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