Food Science/Extension Education

Food Science/Extension Education

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Biotechnology and Food Security

Plant biotechnology had emerged as a powerful tool to efficiently and precisely re-tailor genetic ba..

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Fermentation Biotechnology of Organic Acids and Amino Acids

Organic acids and amino acids are used in large volume by both food and chemical industries. Organic..

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Fermented Foods and Beverages

Traditional fermented foods and beverages have gaining importance in recent days due to their health..

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Food Additives

In food processing and preservation, certain chemical substances called “food additives” are used. T..

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Food Microorganisms

The food-processing industry is the oldest and larger user of microorganisms and biotechnological pr..

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Food Preservation

Contents: Preface. 1. The growth of food microbiology. 2. Principles of human nutrition. 3. Fundamen..

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Food Processing Technology

The book titled as “Food Processing and Technology” is focussed on subjects like Contemporary and Em..

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Food-Borne Illnesses

The aim of this book is to review food-borne hazards and illnesses to protect the people from the vi..

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Industrial Microbial Enzymes

Recent developments in the fields of genetic engineering and protein chemistry are bringing ever mor..

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Introductory Food Microbiology

This book should prove to be an useful source of information for anyone with an interest in food mic..

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Microbial Spoliage of Foods

The loss of food due to microbial spoilage has economic consequences for the producers, processors a..

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Nutrition and Food Safety

“Nutrition and Food Safety” reveals about the importance of nutrition and health. It also describes ..

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Vanilla The Worlds Most Flavourful Spice Orchid of Commerce

Vanilla, a climbing orchid, is one of the most expensive spices traded in the international market o..

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