Defence / Military Studies

Defence / Military Studies

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Armed Forces and the International Diversities

The Contents includes: 1. Bengal Army and the Raj 2. The Imperial Management 3. Army and the Early ..

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Armed Forces in British India

This book gives the light on British military model in India...

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Bioterrorism and Biological Warfare

Keeping in view the risk involved and unpredictable and yet not estimated fully its damage, it becom..

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Cyber Crimes: Preventive Measures and Cyber Forensics

You could be a student, a housewife, a schoolgirl, a working woman, a businessman, a middle-class sa..

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Cyber Law : Legal and Practical Aspects

Computers have permeated all walks of life in such a manner that now it is difficult to imagine life..

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Cyber Security Cyber Attacks and Hacking

Cyber security is vital in the modern age of computers. Modern society, economy, and critical indust..

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Disaster Management

Disaster management is a relatively new subject in India. Our record in disaster management has been..

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Global Implications of India's Nuclear Explosion

The book traces the development of nuclear energy at the world level and then examines the indian sc..

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Historic Battles of India : A Study in Military Science

India has a very long history of wars and warfare. Our kings and badshahs were always dressed with a..

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India's Border Security : Challenges and Solutions

If the borders of the country are not secure, it means that we will be struck repeatedly by terror..

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India's Internal Security: The Actual Concerns

Internal security is a frequently talked about and yet poorly understood thing. Surely, there must b..

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India's Wars and Warfare: A Perceptive Analysis

This book, the first of its kind in the country, is indeed unique. This is the first book that, in a..

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Indian Defence : Crisis and Challenges

An extremely exhaustive and comparative study of the armies; the armor; the artillery, the air force..

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