Computer Science

Computer Science

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Computer Applications

THE growing use of computers in all walks of life makes it imperative for eyeryone of us to attain a..

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Cyber Crimes: Preventive Measures and Cyber Forensics

You could be a student, a housewife, a schoolgirl, a working woman, a businessman, a middle-class sa..

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Cyber Law : Legal and Practical Aspects

Computers have permeated all walks of life in such a manner that now it is difficult to imagine life..

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Cyber Security Cyber Attacks and Hacking

Cyber security is vital in the modern age of computers. Modern society, economy, and critical indust..

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I C T Applications in Agribusiness and Extension Education

In the present era of information technology, no substantial progress in any field is possible witho..

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Impact of Internet on Society

For elucidating the impact of Internet on society this book has been written with an intention to kn..

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Instructional Technology

THIS book delineates and explains, in vivid detail, the technology of teaching at all levels. It co..

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Use of IT Skills in Education

This book titled ‘Use of IT Skills in Education - Challenges, Strategies and Prospects’ is compilati..

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