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Child Development and Welfare Services

Child welfare agencies in this country are suffering from over two decades of neglect and under-fund..

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Child Labour : Dimensions & Determinations

“Children are mirror, who reflect the future image of a nation. If anybody wants to see the nation h..

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Child Labour in India

Children are the important assets of the society. Every child has the right to enjoy his childhood. ..

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Child Labour: Violation of Child Rights

Child is the father of man. They are the future of the society. The development of nation is directl..

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Child Marriage : Determinants and Psycho-Social Consequences

Child Marriage is a matter of great concern today, especially for state like Rajasthan, which accoun..

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Child Rights in the New Era

This book is an outcome of the extensive empirical research and theoretical contributions based on t..

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Dalit Adhikar Avem Vyavhar

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Dalit Sangarsh aur Samajik Nyay, 2nd Revised Edition

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Dalithothan Avem Samajik Nyay

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Dalits and Social Marginalisation

This book is suffused with intellectual contributions made by scholars and university teachers on va..

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Demographic Transition in India

Demography is the scientific study of population. Demographers seek to know the level and trends of ..

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Domestic Violence: Issues & Perspectives

Domestic Violence reviews research in the area of intimate partner violence. The research crosses di..

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Early Child Care and Stimulation

The basic approach of this book has been shaped by our own research, professional and personal exper..

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Eco-Cultural Tribal Development

The tribal population is an integrated part of the biodiversity of the forest since ages. A large nu..

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Empowerment of Indian Women

At present the great task before us is the task ofnation building. This task cannot be achievedunles..

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