Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

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Bio-exploitation for Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is agriculture that is ecologically sound, economically viable and it conser..

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Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Biodiversity is one of the major global resources. It has suffered from diverse natural and man-made..

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Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture

“Biofertilizers” are defined as biologically active products or microbial inoculants of bacteria, al..

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Development, Environment, Human Health and Sustainablility (in 2 vols)

Development and environment was a major issue of the 20th century and the debate continues in the 21..

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Enviromental Issues and Sustainable Development

THE book incorporates insightful chapters on Environmental Issues and Development; Environmental Man..

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Environmental Conservation Depleting Resources and Sustainable Development

This book contains articles contributed by various researchers, scientists and eminent persons. They..

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Green Technologies for Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

Technologies of the 20th century promoted rapid socio-economic development and improved the quality ..

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Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture

An attempt has been made in this book to incorporate extensive and updated information regarding cha..

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Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture

"Sustainable agriculture is agriculture that is ecologically sound, economically viable and it conse..

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Soil Nutrient Management for Sustaiable Agriculture

The importance of soil nutrient management for sustainable agriculture has been widely recognized. S..

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Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation

In spite of tremendous development in green revolution technologies during the past 60 years, the sm..

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Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation in the Landscape

India’s forests were rich in many timber and non-timber yielding species making the natural ecosyste..

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Sustainable Development Striking a Balance Between Economy and Ecology

Mankind will perish if the protection of the environment does not become an integral part of all our..

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Sustainable Environment and Impact Assessment

The working knowledge of earth's fundamental life support system living organisms and how they opera..

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Sustainable Rehabilitation of Degraded Ecosystems

With the growing increase in development of industrial sector, more and more forest lands are being ..

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