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Agroforestry and Climate Change Management

Climate change is increasingly recognized as the greatest global threat facing humanity. For the maj..

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Biodiversity Conservation and Legal Aspects

Biodiversity is an irreplaceable resource therefore its extinction is always for ever. This is the r..

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Biodiversity Distribution and Conservation

This Book on ‘Biodiversity Distribution and Conservation’ is meant for a vast range of readers inclu..

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Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Biodiversity is one of the major global resources. It has suffered from diverse natural and man-made..

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Biodiversity Utilization & Conservation

The rich biological diversity in the hotspot region of the Indian eastern Himalaya has been degraded..

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Forest Biodiversity: Conservation and Management

The present book incorporates chapters on multidisciplinary approach and contains information on dif..

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Forest Botany

Forest and Botany are very much information dependent fields. Studies on identification, nomenclatur..

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Forest Ecology in India

Forests are the plant communities and are distributed on the basis of climate, physiography, florist..

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Global Biodiversity : Status and Conservation

Biodiversity refers to the structural and functional variety of life-forms at genetic, population, s..

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Gums and Resin Yielding Plants

Gums and resins form an important group of non timber forest products. India is among the five large..

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Indian Forest and Forestry

Forest plays a significant role in the overall balance of carbon in the atmosphere mitigating or exa..

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Indian Forests-Soil, Water and Bio-environment Conservation

Indian Forests—Soil, Water and Bio-environment Conservation—deals with the soil degradation in fores..

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Joint Forest Management in India

Forestry represents the second-largest land use in India after agriculture, covering almost 641,130 ..

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Plant Biodiversity, Microbial Interaction and Environmental Biology

There is a wealth of information ranging from the Portuguese and Dutch exploration in the 16th and 1..

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Plant Physiology in Agriculture and Forestry

Advances in cellular and molecular biology hold promises to modify the physiological processes there..

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