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Clothing Behaviour: Psychological Analysis

CLOTHING is a part of the silent language that is communicated through the use of visuals but nonver..

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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour is a dynamic and multidimensional process and reflects the totality of consumers’..

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Crafts and Craftsmen

Art is an amalgamation of the artist and his creation and a blossoming of the soul. Art gives a con..

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Dairy Microbiology

A professional in dairy field is incomplete without the fundamental knowledge of Dairy Microbiology,..

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Differently Abled Children

This book covers broadly all the areas of the disabilities. It discusses at length pertinent issues ..

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Early Child Care and Stimulation

The basic approach of this book has been shaped by our own research, professional and personal exper..

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Entrepreneurship Development in India

This book has been brought out with new thoughts on actual process and practice of entrepreneurship ..

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Environment and Nutritional Disorders

THE safety of life is unimaginable without the purity of the environment and both the government and..

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Fermented Food Biotechnology

It is apparent that indigenous fermentations improve the digestibility and nutritional value of var..

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Fermented Foods and Beverages

Traditional fermented foods and beverages have gaining importance in recent days due to their health..

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Fermented Milk Products

Functional foods are foods that give therapeutic benefits to hosts in addition to nutrition. Dairy f..

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Food Additives

In food processing and preservation, certain chemical substances called “food additives” are used. T..

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Food Bioprocessing

Presently food industry imploys bio based processes which account of 95 per cent of the industrial a..

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Food Contamination and Safety

Food contamination and safety has become an issue of special importance for the retail food industry..

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Food Microorganisms

The food-processing industry is the oldest and larger user of microorganisms and biotechnological pr..

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