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Basic Nutrition Management

For nutritional needs of all family members we must keep in view the age, sex, activity and occupati..

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Environment and Nutritional Disorders

THE safety of life is unimaginable without the purity of the environment and both the government and..

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Foundations of Nutrition

Although we already know much about what nutreients are needed for an adequate diet and what foods p..

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Handbook of Food and Nutrition

Handbook of Food and Nutrition is designed for a non-majors audience, particularly those students wi..

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Nutrition and Child Care

This book is the outcome of the Impact of Nutrition on maternal women and children. In-take of nutri..

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Nutrition and Food Safety

“Nutrition and Food Safety” reveals about the importance of nutrition and health. It also describes ..

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Nutritional Disorders and Community Health

SINCE time immemorial, man has lived in the lap of nature. He has drawn sustenance fromfruits, veget..

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Nutritive Requirements and Dietry Essentials

Do you need vitamin and mineral supplements? Are you eating too much fat and cholesterol? Is much of..

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Pre and Post Menstrual Nutritional Management

Menopouse also nown as the climacteric is the time in most women’s lives when menstrual p..

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Problems of Nutrition and Child Care

The history of child care is a history of changing fashions, based on widely varying ideas about the..

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Therapeutic Nutrition

The overall organization of the book provides a basic introduction to therapeutic nutrition principl..

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