English Literature

English Literature

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A Slinging Bag and Other Stories

Each of the stories in this collection is a mirror of life, a little masterpiece of meaning and mesm..

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An Introduction to English Phonetics and Linguistics

English Phonetics and Linguistics aims at the readers with the basic principles and concepts of the ..

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Body Language and Presentation Skills

The book deals with two sections—Body Language & Presentation Skills in detailed manner. The boo..

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Booker Prize Winner Indian English Novels : A Kaleidoscopic Study

Booker Prize Winner Indian English Novels: A Kaleidoscopic Study celebrates the laurels achieved by ..

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Career Interviews

The aim of this book is to explain and imbibe in the mind of the reader the various aspects of inter..

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Communicative Language Teaching

The book, “Communicative Language Teaching: New Trends” is about new method sin teaching English to ..

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Critical Interactions : Reading 20th Century Literary Texts

This publication focuses on the reading of important twentieth century texts in drama, poetry, ficti..

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Critical Studies on Indian English Literature, in 3 Vols.

Indian English literature is very resonant and elegant literature among regional literatures in Indi..

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D.H. Lawrence : Man and Artist

This book is an effort to trace biographical sketch of D.H. Lawrence; it’s influence on his Short St..

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Dalits and Social Marginalisation

This book is suffused with intellectual contributions made by scholars and university teachers on va..

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Effective Communication Skills

This book expresses various dynamics of business communication. Following a reader friendly approach..

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Ek Khwaish: The Story. . .

Ek Khwaish is an enchanting tale which will take you on a roller coaster ride of manifold emotions. ..

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Encounters: Selected Indian and Australian Short Stories

This anthology is the first of its kind to bring together in a single volume short stories of contem..

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English Communication Skills

This book expresses various dynamics of English communication. Following a reader friendly approach,..

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English Grammar and Composition

English Grammar and Composition by Vikrant Sehgal is a complete, comprehensive and practical book. I..

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