Language and Linguistics

Language and Linguistics

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An Introduction to English Phonetics and Linguistics

English Phonetics and Linguistics aims at the readers with the basic principles and concepts of the ..

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Communicative Language Teaching

The book, “Communicative Language Teaching: New Trends” is about new method sin teaching English to ..

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English Grammar and Composition

English Grammar and Composition by Vikrant Sehgal is a complete, comprehensive and practical book. I..

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English Language Teaching and Pedagogy

The experience of teaching/learning English in India, a veritable crucible of several sub-cultures, ..

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English Language Teaching: Perspectives from the Periphery

There used to be a feeling about English language Teaching in India a decade and half back that it w..

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English Language Usage and ELT

English Language Usage and ELT surveys the major approaches and methods in language usage and teachi..

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Feminism in Contemporary Indian Women Writers

Feminism recognizes the inadequacy of male-created ideologies and struggles for the spiritual, econo..

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Golden Quotations

Winston Churchill, the prime minister of England who guided his country to victory during the second..

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How To Teach English Using CLT and TLT

This book discusses the procedures and strategies adopted for conducting the teaching with the stude..

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Methodology Of Teaching English: Tools, Techniques and Methods

Teaching of English as a second language in India has assumed an important place. Each and every per..

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Modern Teaching of English

The spread of computers and Information Technology has raised the demand for persons proficient in E..

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

English is gaining importance day by day and without proficiency in this language it would be diffic..

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