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Booker Prize Winner Indian English Novels : A Kaleidoscopic Study

Booker Prize Winner Indian English Novels: A Kaleidoscopic Study celebrates the laurels achieved by ..

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Critical Interactions : Reading 20th Century Literary Texts

This publication focuses on the reading of important twentieth century texts in drama, poetry, ficti..

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Critical Studies on Indian English Literature, in 3 Vols.

Indian English literature is very resonant and elegant literature among regional literatures in Indi..

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D.H. Lawrence : Man and Artist

This book is an effort to trace biographical sketch of D.H. Lawrence; it’s influence on his Short St..

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Harold Pinter's Screenplays

This study presents a reading of Harold Pinter’s contribution to the emerging genre of the screenpla..

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Indian Women Novelists : Critical Discourses

Today Indian English literature is an endeavour of showcasing the rare gems of Indian writing in Eng..

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Indian Writing in English : Critical Perspectives

Indian Writing in English: Critical Perspectives consists of essays by distinguished Indian academic..

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Literary Criticism in Indian English Literature

The anthology ‘Literary Criticism in Indian English Literature’ contains articles on significant wor..

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Major Plays of Barry and Behrman : A Comparative Study

The present book is a comparative study of the most prominent themes in the major plays of Philip Ba..

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Modern Fiction and Criticism

The works of James Joyce, T.S Eliot, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence and Hemingway have been fully abs..

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Mulk Raj Anand: His Vision and Work

This book studies in depth and detail of Mulk Raj Anand’s all major novels which are truly represent..

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Perspectives on Indian Booker Prize Winners : Readings and Reflections

Perspectives on Indian Booker Prize Winners: Readings & Reflections is an anthology discussing t..

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Perspectives on Twenty First Century Literary Criticism

Indian literature in general and Indian English Literature in particular have been casting a magic s..

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Post Colonial Indian English Literature

This anthology contains scholarly papers contributed by several scholars and teachers of English. Th..

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Post-Modern Indian Women Novelists in English

Post-modern Indian Women Novelists in English is a latest attempt to explore and criticise the India..

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