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Adult Education : Issues, Problems and Prospects

With the sudden revolution in the information sector, most of the traditional modes of learning and ..

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Children With Special Needs

Disability is a human rights issue, it is an educational and social issue, it is no more considered ..

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Classroom Environment in Child Education

This book leans heavily on classroom observation, the developing capability of children, identifying..

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Creativity, Environmental Deprivation & Exceptional Children

The optimum development of a nation depends upon the nature and kind of its human resources. All i..

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Differently Abled Children

This book covers broadly all the areas of the disabilities. It discusses at length pertinent issues ..

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Educating Mentally Retarded Children

There was a time when one pitied a mentally retarded child and its parents. That thinking has now v..

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Educational Testing and Measurement

This book is devoted to the study of various educational tests and measurement. It is also a guide b..

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Educational Training of Slow Learners

This book has been prepared specially to enable teachers to learn how to identify such students and ..

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Effective Communication Skills

This book expresses various dynamics of business communication. Following a reader friendly approach..

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