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Abnormal Psychology

This book is meant basically for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of psychology. It..

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Abnormal Psychology : Objective Type

Abnormal psychology is an important branch of psychology and this book is an attempt to make it more..

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Addiction and Substance Abuse

During abuse and addiction are powerful forces. With the wrath and fury of hurricanes, the impact th..

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Adolescence : Issues and Challenges

Adolescent is an important age of the human life span. Most of the adolescent’s challenges and issue..

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Adolescent Girls: Awareness, Rights and Reproductive Health

The basic approach of this book has been shaped by our own research, professional and personal exper..

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Adolescent Psychology in Dual Children Families

It is about the psychological perspective of interaction between the sex of the adolescent, their bi..

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Awareness of Human Rights in Adolescents

The objective of the book is to bring forth the awareness of human rights amongst the adolescents wh..

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Body Language and Presentation Skills

The book deals with two sections—Body Language & Presentation Skills in detailed manner. The boo..

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Child Abuse : Prevention and Treatment

“Child abuse” discusses the hottest vital issue of the contemporary society. Child life is one of th..

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