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International Economics

Now the time has come when no country in the world ever thinks of economic development in isolation...

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International Marketing

International marketing primarily is the coordinator of company’s different national marketing progr..

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John Roles Ka Nyay Ka Sidhant

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Kautilya ka Rajnitik Chintan

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Kautilyas Arthasastra: Basics and Essence

Kautilya’s Arthasastra, the ancient Indian classic of governance, has been gaining increasing attent..

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Leadership, Poverty and Social Security

This book highlights the role of leadership in eliminating poverty. The focus is on the Indian scene..

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Literacy and Social Transformation

Literacy and Social Transformation is a book on the world-famous total literacy campaign in Kerala. ..

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Management of Industrial Sickness

Management of Industrial sickness is extremely important, especially in view of the existing industr..

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Microfinance, Inclusive Growth and Rural Development

The book is intended to examine different parameter of human development in India taking into consid..

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Modern Trends in Agricultural Marketing

The book exhaustively cover important aspects of agricultural marketing. The book discusses and take..

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Monetary Policy in the Nineties:Emerging Trends

The Monetary Policy of a country plays a vital role in determining the pace of economic growth in th..

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National and Inter-State Development of Agriculture in India

This volume packs very comprehensive vistas of agricultural development in India and the States of I..

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National and Inter-State Development of Industrial and Tertiary Sectors in India

There is analysis of ASI (Annual Survey of Industries) data as well as of the Census of SSI sector. ..

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New Vistas in Rural Economy

The present set of 5 volumes presents a unique collection of writings on Rural Economy contributed b..

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Paryatan avam Vikas

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