Gifted Children : Identification and Development

-25% Gifted Children : Identification and Development
Many children are gifted. They possess faculties and abilities much beyond the average for their age-group. Some of them may even be geniuses with exceptional talent. But in most cases, the special talents go unrecognised in the early stages by parents and teachers and the child is left to fend for himself on two fronts. On the one hand, he finds himself an outcaste among his peers for his so-called ‘ superiority’ and on the other he fails to receive the encouragement and extra stimulus he or she needs for the proper development and canalisation of the inherent special talent and skill. This book studies the characteristics that most gifted children exhibit and how to identify and pinpoint them. It enables parents and teachers of such children to put in the extra and correct effort that, administered at the right time, will enable the child to develop his ‘specialness’ along the right lines and ultimately grow into a useful and important member of society. Educators and parents will surely find this book useful. It will prevent them from neglecting a gifted child and, vice versa, stop them from piling on pressure to produce results on children who just do not have the aptitude or talent to be exceptional, and are just average. Most important, a study of this book will prevent useful talent and skills in children from languishing or developing into frustration because of lack of identification and consequent neglect.
Author M. G. Pillai
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
ISBN 81-7132-247-6
Language English
Number Of Pages x+278
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Pointer Publishers, Jaipur

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