Leadership, Poverty and Social Security

-25% Leadership, Poverty and Social Security
This book highlights the role of leadership in eliminating poverty. The focus is on the Indian scene. The underlying theme of the book is very well summarized in the statement made by an eminent jurist who was Indian Ambassador to the United States of America decades ago. According to him, the credit for the achievement of keeping India a poor country, despite its huge production and vast potential goes to its politicians. The spirit of democracy has been put to shame by our elected representatives who form a floating population of power seekers, power holders and power brokers. But India has survived all this because of it tremendous endurance capacity. These words are confirmed by the behavior of several members of the Parliament and legislatures seen through Television channels. The deficiencies in leadership and their impact on poverty are discussed in the early chapters of the book. In later chapters a remedy is suggested through improving the quality of leadership. The concept of power management and its relevance to poverty abolition finds detailed discussion. The role of development leadership is stressed and a strategy for rural development is mentioned in brief. The need for motivation, character development and encouraging talent for poverty alleviation is highlighted in separate chapters. Finally an example of action taken by the Sri Lankan government for poverty alleviation with some degree of success is stated in the Appendix. A lasting solution to the problem lies in high quality leadership at all levels.
Author T. Ramaswamy
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
ISBN 978-81-7910-355-5
Language English
Number Of Pages xvi+110
Publication Year 2011
Publisher Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors, Jaipur

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