Global Biodiversity : Status and Conservation

-25% Global Biodiversity : Status and Conservation
Biodiversity refers to the structural and functional variety of life-forms at genetic, population, species, community and ecosystem levels. The loss of the earth's biological diversity is one of the most critical environmental and development issue. Inventorization of plant, animal and microbial diversity and in-situ and ex-situ conservation of natural resources are some of the immediate steps to be taken for conserving the biological diversity on earth. The present book " Global Biodiversity : Status & Conservation " incorporates 18 articles on biodiversity & its conservation covering holistic information on the subject. Chapters on Global Biodiversity; Biodiversity profile of India; Conservation of Biodiversity : An Indian perspective and Agro-biodiversity conservation provides detailed information on the topics. Articles on Threatened alpine flora of Garhwal Himalaya: Woddy vegetation in forest of Kumbhalagarh central hills; Role of major forest types in the coastal environment & necessity for their conservation; Environmental aspects of forest biodiversity conservation and management in mountain region of M.P. provide sufficient information on forest regions of varied climate. Article on vegetational characteristics of grasslands of Kaziranga National Park, Assam and A subsistence support for socio-economic development of locals in Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve gave information on these preserved heritage. Book also covers chapters on Impact of modernization of agriculture on biodiversity in drylands; cucurbitanceae of Bihar ; Diversity & Conservation; Genus-Luffa in India; Seri-biodiversity and its conservation. Articles on Biodiversity conservation in sacred groves and Biodiversity and human environment have added value to the book. Book includes articles on Biotechnology and its impact on biodiversity and its conservation and Biotechnology : A safe technology for biodiversity conservation. This book will definitely serve as an excellent reference material and practical guide for Botanists, Ecologists, Environmentalists, Forest personnels, students and researchers."
Author P. C. Trivedi
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
ISBN 978-81-7132-492-4
Language English
Number Of Pages xvi+397
Publication Year 2007
Publisher Pointer Publishers, Jaipur

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