Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

-10% Biodiversity for Sustainable Development
Biodiversity is one of the major global resources. It has suffered from diverse natural and man-made catastrophes but continues to provide food, medicinal products and a wide range of other materials which could be guranteed for the future it managed in a sustainable manner. Human influence is by far the greatest threat to diversity. No part of the planet escapes the effects of human activity, which affects diversity either directly or indirectly. The present book “Biodiversity for Sustainable Development” includes 21 chapters on the topics which are contributing towards this goal. Chapters related to Biodiversity includes—Exploration, Utilization conservation and management of non-timber forest resources, Biodiversity : The Impact of Biotechnology, GIS—An advanced tool to study biodiversity, some threaten plant and Animal species of Assam and Meghalaya region, sustainable management of soil fertility in rainfed farming systems, phytoplanktonic diversity, change detection in wetland environment, Turnover rate of forest flover liter and biodiversity aspects of biosphere reserve. Articles covers information on studies on Rhizobium association with Sesbania sps. Fundamental facts about grasses, Fruit crops, a viable alternative to shifting cultivation, ornithophitous adaptations of some plant species, Primary vascular differentiation in fabaceae, Antibacterial properties of herbal tooth powder, Plants used in cosmetics. Some articles viz. Forensic Botany : Applications, aspects and prospects of plant materials in criminal investigations, village scale production and use of leaf concentrate and a comparative study of the functionality of plant proteins and their uses in food system have added value to the book. This book will be highly beneficial to students, teachers and research workers in the field of Botany, Biodiversity conservation and Environmental science."
Author P. C. Trivedi
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
ISBN 978-81-7910-225-1
Language English
Number Of Pages xvi+376
Publication Year 2018
Publisher Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors, Jaipur

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