Plant Physiology in Agriculture and Forestry

-10% Plant Physiology in Agriculture and Forestry
Advances in cellular and molecular biology hold promises to modify the physiological processes thereby improving the quality and quantity of major food crops and ensuring stability in yield of the produce even under severe abiotic stress. In the age of very rapidly expanding information technology, biotechnology and space technology, plant physiologists also shall have to think globally, act globally as well as locally. To be able to feed the world in the coming years, a concerted effort is required involving sound national agricultural policies, well-planned research strategies and efficient delivery system. The present book “Plant Physiology in Agriculture and Forestry” incorporates 15 chapters on some of the very important aspects of physiological research in relation to agriculture and forestry. This book contains articles covering a wide range of aspects of plant physiology including abiotic stresses, mineral nutrition, seed vigour, Nitrogen management, weed management and deforestation. Chapters on mechanism of signal transduction during water stress response in plants; Studies on the effects of agrochemicals, Boron and Sulphur on growth and quality of mustard; Morpho-physiological make up of certain advanced breeding lowland rice cultures adaptive to waterlogged stress situation; Seed vigour. Causes of loss and remedies; Site specific nitrogen management with special emphasis on rice; Potential of monoterpenes for weed management; Management strategies for VAM under intensive agricultural system; VAM fungi : Biodiversity and benefits provides detailed information on the subject. Articles on rainfall and flora and fauna have added to the value of the book. Book also provides information on organic production of crop, milk, meat and fish in India; Mapping the vegetation types of Orissa using remote sensing; Notes on some armed genera of Asteraceae; Reproductive biology and genetic variability in Bauhinia variegata and Anthropecology of aquatic bodies. This book will definitely serve as an excellent reference material and practical guide for scientist, teachers, students, planners and administrators interested in Plant Physiology, Botany, Forestry and Agriculture science.
Author P. C. Trivedi
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
ISBN 978-81-7910-272-5
Language English
Number Of Pages xvi+264
Publication Year 2020
Publisher Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors, Jaipur

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