Forest Biodiversity: Conservation and Management

-25% Forest Biodiversity: Conservation and Management
The present book incorporates chapters on multidisciplinary approach and contains information on different aspects of forest biodiversity, including ethnobotany, diversity of agroforestry, phenology, insect-pest diversity, plant-origin pesticides, forest microbial diversity, and forest management practices. The first chapter of this book covers the forest biodiversity and conservation measures, focuses on the major services provided by the forests. The second chapter estimates plant diversity of dry deciduous forests and their indigenous uses by the local people in central India. The chapter third elaborates about application and adaptability of agroforestry systems while chapter four describes the effect of forest fire on diversity of chir pine forest. Chapter five highlights on anthropogenic stresses and forest structure in Biosphere Reserve. The chapter sixth deals with phenology of forest floor vegetation whereas the chapter seventh focuses on status and improvement of Black Caraway (Bunium persicum) - a medicinal plant commonly known as kala zeera in dry temperate region. The chapter eight covers the association of insects and pests in conifer forest of north-western Himalaya and their damages on forest and forest products. Chapter nine is written on plant origin pesticides for managing diverse pest and diseases as eco-friendly pest controlling measures. Chapter ten elucidate about wood decaying microbial diversity in forest, causing white, brown and soft rot. The final or eleventh chapter deals with Forest Genetic Resources Management Network. This book brings a broad domain for the students, academicians, scientists, workers on forest biodiversity conservation and allied sectors. The book assembles the findings of researchers in various aspects of forest biodiversity which is highly useful for the persons engaged in the research of this field. The book deals with multidisciplinary approach and contains information on different aspects of forest biodiversity conservation and management.
Author Bijalwan, A.
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
ISBN 978-81-7132-751-5
Language English
Number Of Pages xiv+186
Publication Year 2013
Publisher Pointer Publishers, Jaipur

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