Non-Verbal Communication

-25% Non-Verbal Communication
Communication is an integral part of our life. About 78 % of communication is non verbal. Only a small percentage comes from the actual words you say. The majority of our feelings and intentions are sent through nonverbal communication. Wordless messages or kinesics are the way we communicate by sending and receiving signals using body language, gestures, postures, proximity, haptics, and facial expressions. Your walking, standing and sitting says a lot about you. Your postures and other body language can give you away, so to speak. They speak volume, even if you don’t move an inch, standing with your arms crossing or sitting down with leg crossing. Gestures are the use of movements or signals to convey a message to another person. Proxemics is the physical distance between two people which can be correlated to the relationship they share be it personal or social. Haptics is the study of touching in nonverbal communication. When we say touching, we mean handshakes, holding hands, shoulder patting, kissing, “high-five”, brushing arm, gentle squeeze of hands or arms, brushing hair with one’s fingers, etc.Facial expressions are another form of nonverbal communication. It could be a cheerful smile, a silly grin or a frown. The book provides a valuable guidance to any individual who is keen or wants to know about non verbal communication.
Author M. Sinha
Binding Hardcover
Edition 1
ISBN 978-81-7132-669-3
Language English
Number Of Pages x+94
Publication Year 2011
Publisher Pointer Publishers, Jaipur

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