ISIS and Taliban : The Inside Story

ISIS and Taliban : The Inside Story
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and Taliban are almost daily in news. We must know everything about them because they are likely to expand their activities into India also. Already some 22 young, highly educated Indians have left the comforts of their homes to fight and get killed for the ISIS. Media provides only fragmented information, making people harbour all sorts of myths. This book tells you everything including: · What they are; what is their ideology; what is their objective; why are they opposed to the West; · What are they doing; what atrocities they are committing; how do they treat women; · What explains their appeal which makes people leave their homes and travel thousands of miles to fight for them; · What is Wahabism/Salafism; what is meant by jihad and the jihadists; what is radicalization and de-radicalization; what is the role of the madarsas with regard to terrorism; · How do they get their arms and armament; how do they get the funds they need and how the world can disrupt those sources; · How the Western world and the USA have made a mess of the Middle-East and the Syrian Civil War; · How the Taliban are making a comeback even after 16 years of relentless bombing by the Americans; what are the prospects of a Taliban victory; · And finally, can the world expect to get rid of the ISIS and Taliban or, are they here to stay? Whether you are a lay man, a student, a homemaker, a media person, a policy-maker, or a man in the armed forces, the comprehensive knowledge contained within the pages of this book will ensure that when the need arises, we may respond in a correct manner.
Author N.C. Asthana, IPS & Anjali Nirmal
Binding Hardbound
Edition 1
ISBN 978-81-7132-869-7
Language English
Number Of Pages xvi+336
Publication Year 2017
Publisher Pointer Publishers

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