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Abnormal Psychology

This book is meant basically for students who wish to pursue a career in the field of psychology. It..

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Abnormal Psychology : Objective Type

Abnormal psychology is an important branch of psychology and this book is an attempt to make it more..

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Accounting and Statistical Techniques

This unique study offers a comprehensive application of accounting and statistical techniques in the..

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Accounting Standards and Policies : Theory and Practice

The Present work compiles sixteen articles contributed by renowned luminaries in the field of accoun..

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Addiction and Substance Abuse

During abuse and addiction are powerful forces. With the wrath and fury of hurricanes, the impact th..

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Administrative Reforms and Good Governance

The year 1858 was a landmark in India’s public administration as the political power was legally tra..

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Adolescent Psychology in Dual Children Families

It is about the psychological perspective of interaction between the sex of the adolescent, their bi..

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Adult Education : Issues, Problems and Prospects

With the sudden revolution in the information sector, most of the traditional modes of learning and ..

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Advance Reporting and Editing

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Advanced Commercial Floriculture, in 2 Vols. 2nd Edition

The set Advanced Commercial Floriculture in 2 volumes has been organised in such a way that it will ..

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Advanced Morphology of Angiosperms

The topics of morphology of angiosperms in advanced level are included in the present book in 13 cha..

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Advances in Botany

The present volume “Advances in Botany” published on the occasion of 90 years of the establishment i..

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Advances in Pteridology

This book, Advances in Pteridology, provides a comprehensive and critical review of the work done in..

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Advances in Reproductive Toxicology

This book is a compilation of 22 chapters by distinguished scientists in the field of reproductive t..

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Advertising : Modern Concepts, Principles and Methods

Advertising is the dissemination of information or views concerning an idea, product or service to i..

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