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Biocontrol of Plant Diseases

Indiscriminate use of pesticides for the control of plant diseases and pests in no longer permissibl..

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Biodiesel Performance Evaluation of Internal Combustion Engines

Basically, internal combustion enginses or C.I. engine are designed to operate under conventional fo..

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Biodiesel Production Technologies

India is major importer in the global oil market and any fluctuation in the price of the oil would a..

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Biodiversity : Concepts and Conservation

Biodiversity is the backbone for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Animal Husbandry, Forestry and a host of ..

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Biodiversity and Plant Resources

India is one of the 12 mega biodiversity countries of the world. It has a rich and varied heritage o..

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Biodiversity Appraisal, Monitoring and Utilization

Biodiversity is the basis of human survival and life support system. It includes diversity of forms..

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Biodiversity Conservation

The biodiversity or biological diversity is the variety of life starting from genes to ecosystems an..

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Biodiversity Conservation and Legal Aspects

Biodiversity is an irreplaceable resource therefore its extinction is always for ever. This is the r..

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Biodiversity Distribution and Conservation

This Book on ‘Biodiversity Distribution and Conservation’ is meant for a vast range of readers inclu..

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Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

Biodiversity is one of the major global resources. It has suffered from diverse natural and man-made..

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Biodiversity Utilization & Conservation

The rich biological diversity in the hotspot region of the Indian eastern Himalaya has been degraded..

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Biodiversity: Impact and Assessment

Biodiversity assumed prominence at the global level over the past one and half decade. This was in p..

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Biodiversity: Monitoring and Utilisation

The book includes 16 chapters on the diverse aspects of biological diversity. The chapter 1 includes..

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Biofertilizers are preparations containing living microorganisms which help in plant growth and incr..

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Biofertilizers and Biopesticides

The content of this book is designed to provide basic and practical information in the areas of agri..

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